hapmotu: touch engineered, augmenting reality to your fingertips

Can you imagine shaking your buddy's hand but not feeling anything? Can you imagine poking your arm and not feeling anything? Can you imagine being a surgeon operating not being able to feel what you're cutting into?

What if you lose your sense of touch?

Generally, when we think of virtual reality, we immediately think of graphics, but haptics, or the sense of touch, is actually an essential component of our everyday lives that we take for granted. Try buttoning your shirt without feeling anything. Hapmotu helps us bring virtual reality to the next level by incorporating a whole new sense; we present a seamless way of integrating vibration tactile feedback with the Leap Motion. Hapmotu augments reality to your fingertips. Not only does it open a world of possibilities in the gaming domain, but also in areas such as in medical robotics. Gamers will not only be able to see and hear but also feel, surgeons will be able to feel as they operate patients remotely through medical robots.

Hapmotu is touch engineered.

There are hundreds of improvements, such as adding more haptic feedback modalities, that time can only give us. Hapmotu encompasses everything we love about hardware, software, and bringing technology to the users. For now, we hope you enjoy playing with Hapmotu as much we enjoyed hacking!

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