Omegle/Chat-Roulette texting service using Twilio

WINNER: Best use of Twilio API

WINNER: Top 10

Bored in class? Enjoy apps like tindr and websites like Omegle that allow you to get over a quick social fix? Phonely is a texting service that connects you anonymously to another person and allows you to converse until either of wish to terminate the conversation/find another. With the target audience of millenials: people easily bored at work, bored in class, those who just need a short distraction from the people they know, or people simply looking for a new friend (or more than friends), Phonely hopes to be a simple yet innovative approach to rapid fire social networks. Phonely is sure to make a splash in the vast social network market with its current feature list and location based/common interest matching algorithms to be added soon(tm).

Our back-end for the texting service is Microsoft C# and SQLserver, with Twilio API integration. Our front end is Twitter-Bootstrap using a namecheap domain on a github site.

Team is Chris Rowe (UGA), David Benas (Georgia Tech), Stephanie Zheng (Emory), Ben Bolte (Emory).

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